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How to Wash & Clean your favorite fuzzy friends!

Cleaning our cozy-chic pieces can be a bit perplexing. For advice on how to properly care for our knits, we turned to the experts at WHITE DOVE CLEANERS in Tinton Falls, NJ. Joe Giarmita, the Operations Manager, gave us his best advice for keeping sweaters looking their best throughout the winter and beyond:

Do’s and don’ts for washing and drying: “With any knitwear, check the “care label” on the garment before buying. It should tell you everything you need to know about cleaning.” Knowing what’s required is an important part of a decision to purchase—especially when it comes to knits. Here’s what else you need to know:

  • Dry cleaning:  Send your piece to an experienced trusted dry cleaner. This process is designed to remove odor and stains while retaining shape and color, which can not be easily replicated with water and soap.


  • Embellished pieces:  If you have specially finished pieces such as the striped cashmere sweater with Fox fur trim by Harvey Faircloth $695 (avail at THEO) or sweaters with mixed materials (such as hand-painting, beading or fur), enlist an expert when cleaning. Infrequent or specialty cleaning is your best option to guarantee a long life for these uniquely crafted pieces.



Clean before storing: Before putting your sweaters away at the end of the season, give them a thorough cleaning, using airtight bins or space bags to keep out moths and other creatures. Also, forget the mothballs. Instead, we recommends storing sweaters with natural, herbal repellent alternatives like Moth Away. Plastic Bins and mothballs don’t mix and the smell will be impossible to get out of your clothing.

What to expect from gentle wearing: “Don’t be too worried if it  initially sheds,” says Alexander Meder, owner and buyer at THEO; a little shedding can be expected and will subside after a few wears, like this lavender 4-ply cashmere mock neck ribbed sweater by Katia Serafini $845 available at THEO. To reduce pilling, wash cotton-blend sweaters inside out and  beware of shavers, used to remove pilling, as they can damage the fabric.

Photo Rose oversized sweater in mohair, poly blend – Weekend MaxMara $375

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