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Emm Kuo

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Emm Kuo

Emm Kuo is a designer accessories brand founded in 2011 by founder and designer Emmaline Kuo Ranzman. Appreciation for quality materials and a strong integrity to design and workmanship are the main principles behind the Emm Kuo line. Architectural influences, strong textural contrasts and clean shapes render the collection modern and classic. A harmonious mix of style, sophistication and versatility; Each piece is treated like a work of art; intertwining only the most luxurious European leathers, exotic skins and customized hardware in an intricate, understated way.

Born in Taipei and raised between Hawaii, New York and Hong Kong, Emmaline Kuo Ranzman developed an early love of travel and appreciation of world cultures that has left an indelible mark on her design aesthetic.

Her love of exploration and experiences of other cultures has led her to all corners of the globe. These travels have been a constant source of inspiration, shaping who she is as a designer.


February 11, 2018