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Elemente Clemente

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Elemente Clemente

Since 2002 Elemente Clemente is a Munich based fashion label with a high quality standard; We offer our customers timeless fashion made of ecological materials, recycled fabrics and premium textiles. We at Elemente Clemente have a philosophy; “Man is part of nature and cannot liberate himself from it.”  Ours is a synthesis of a modern look, quality materials and casual elegance. Style, comfort, quality, and attention to detail paired with subtle shades, and distinctive but understated taste are important to us. Our clothing is designed to highlight self-expression. We achieve that through silhouettes that are apart from mainstream. Earthy shades and our brown and blue-black, combine effortlessly.

Sustainability and ethics are pramount to us. Our collection is crafted in Europe and in our own production facility in Tunesia. We order fair-trade certified goods. We work against exploitation, forced- and child labor. We minimize long transportation routes to limit our environmental impact.

Our collections are designed to appeal to the fashionable and environmentally conscious; clothing that create a bond with nature; clothing to wear with distinction.


March 7, 2018


Women's Apparel