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0039 Italy

THEO  0039 Italy

0039 Italy

“Your entry into the world of loving fashion“ 

With sensual core competence for woman’s most beautiful  accessory – the blouse – the love story of the brand 0039 Italy by business- woman and designer Aysen Bitzer started. A love story which she has staged successfully since 2000.

A deep look, a brilliant idea, fearlessness and passion catapulted them from a sweet 12 square meters exhibition stall in Paris straight into women’s hearts all over the world and created a universal platform for androgynous purism, subtle romanticism and delicate refinement in multifaceted blouse forms.

The repertoire of richly diverse 0039 Italy it-pieces is a mixture of perfection and calm, of charm and cosmopolitain flair and a sensation that gets under your skin.


February 11, 2018


Women's Apparel