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2018 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

2018 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

For the lovelorn and gift torn and how to come out smelling like roses on Valentine’s Day!

In our busy 24/7 Lives, it’s easy to forget to pre-plan just about anything unless “Alexa” tells you to. But, if you don’t want to appear “thoughtless” to those you hold dear… below are a few tips as well as a handy Gift Guide to items for him AND her you can STILL get your hands on to land those X’s & O’s.


Valentine’s Day has come to represent a day to reaffirm and express our appreciation for the people we love and care for; whoever they are. This has historically been symbolized with roses, chocolate and cards. If this is the ONLY day you give flowers to your significant other (and she expects it) … BUY FLOWERS for god sake! Otherwise, avoid that trap and attempt something more creative. In fact, here is my first V’Day Pro Tip- Avoid leaving buying / planning to last minute (like on your way home from work) it’s just ASKING for trouble; unless you don’t mind droopy roses, supermarket chocolate and a card for your hubby that says “I Love you Mom!”… So get cracking or get creative!


YES; but this does not necessarily mean it translates to a dollar value. Even between adults with cash to burn, a costly gift with no meaning to the receiver has little bang for the buck. Pro tip #2- AVOID getting too personal… Yes, believe it or not… If you don’t truly know his / her fragrance or bra size… DON”T DO it! There are so many options; stick with things the receiver WOULDN’T buy for themselves. A splurge item can be much more special. Buying both men and woman a special accessory weather it is jewelry (necklace or cufflinks) or an simple accessory (scarf or pocket square) can make a memory that will they will remember every time it’s worn. But, a gift needn’t be a physical item at all. Pro tip #3- The best gifts can be the memories you create. Activities are also great gifts. Tickets to a show or couples lessons are a great way to “gift” AND share the day. A memento becomes the gift on top. Just remember to announce or memorialize your activity-


Now that you have a grasp on how you COULD approach this sometimes nerve-racking day; check out THEO’s 2018 Gift Guide for both HIM & HER. I’ve listed items that are splurges and others that are easy on the wallet. Come in or call our Red Bank, NJ boutique for additional details, prices and availability. You can even leave a secret WISH LIST with us.

*Complimentary champagne & chocolate Wednesday February 14th 2018

The THEO Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!


A little something …

  • Wool & Cashmere Scarves
  • Designer Leather and suede Handbags & Clutches

A lux splurge

  • Lux 4-Ply Cashmere Sweaters
  • Gold Leather Bolero jacket
  • 18K Gold Vermeil & Smokey Quartz necklace by Starrs London


A little something…

  • Pocket square- Edward Armah
  • Leather Gloves- Hestra

A lux gift…

  • Leather & Suede (reversible) Bomber by Marco DeLuca Bosso
  • Sterling Silver or Gold Cufflinks by Baade

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