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Creative enthusiasm, competence, tradition and high level quality, handmade in Italy.

Tonet-Carella is a little factory with electronic textile machines, a linking area, sewing machines, a washing machine and an iron and to check the garments.

All employees possess great experience and professionalism and contribute daily to the growth of the company together with members of the owners’ families.


Carella has always been produced in Italy, believing strongly in the value of being 100% Made in Italy. It means that all the stages of work are done in Italy.

The company is contrary to current regulations that allow the “Made in Italy” stamp to be affixed to products with only two phases of work done in our Country.


Carella is a typical Italian family company. It is located in the Veneto area, one hour from Venice. The company was born more than thirty years ago from an artisanal firm where the knitter wife and her husband made small quantities of knitwear and went to sell it in small towns of the hills and mountains over Treviso in Italy.

In 1978 was born Carella s.r.l. and in 1985 the new generations began to make a real sample collection. Today, there are two collections and two brands:

“T one T” and “C a r e l l a”.