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Oblique Creations

“Oblique dresses women who live their everyday between work and mundanity, reality and dreams.“


OBLIQUE Spring/Summer 2017 combines the distinctive features of fashion culture with urban contemporary graphic patterns.
Textures that embellish, total color, material and enveloping, to wear without reserve, borrowing tones that border on green, plunge into the blue and re-emerge from emerald to turquoise, up to the charge of positive energy expressed by vitamin hues.

This is the diktat, to exasperate the color intensity of the looks with solid dyes to give shape and body to models that glide along the body.

Fluidity and pleasantness, emphasized by the use of sinuous materials or perforated blue abyss knitwear, with transparency and elaborate embroidery, but in moderation.

The prints are of course always welcome, with pictorial and stylized motifs or digitalized breaking drawings.

Models to be worn in unison creating an antithesis only apparent, up to the harmony which is all of the meeting together of the pre-chosen nuances.

Finally, space to the traditional sporty garments reinterpreted according to an ultra-feminine mood, less running and more urban.