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“O tiger’s heart wrapt in a woman’s hide!” William Shakespeare

Audacious, bold and determined but at the same time free-thinking, imaginative and original, highly sophisticated, intellectual and seemingly aloof. This is the Metamorfosi woman.

She chooses each garment not only for its purely functional reasons but also for the meaning it takes on in the eternal relationship between concept and form, wisely selecting from a wardrobe not filled with clothes but filled with a series of states, moments and circumstances.

It is this woman that inspires our design team season after season. Keeping in mind every time we create a Metamorfosi piece that while it is true that clothes help to make personality, it is equally true that personality makes fashion, therefore clothes.

Innovative silhouettes sculpted in materials that look rough but are actually supple to the touch. Cold lunar colors brought to life by the warmest of accents in a new and modern type of harmony.

The collection as a whole speaks the language of modernity, of uniqueness and exclusivity, responding to the needs of the women who choose it. The same is true for each single garment which, even when isolated from its context, communicates its own unique identity and claims its own distinct place within the fashion universe.